Kickstarter Wrap-up

Happy Holidays from the Levaté Team!

It's been a while since we've updated our blog, thanks to our recent Kickstarter campaign. Running that and seeing it through has occupied the majority of our efforts for the past month and a half.

As you may already know, the campaign was unfortunately unsuccessful. The page is still up, though, in case you want to see it. Over the course of the 40 days, we raised $13,235. $6,000 of that we raised in the first 24 hours. Our campaign goal was $30,000.

Our entire team poured a lot of time and energy into trying to make the campaign successful! Our priority, and the bulk of our time for not only the 40 days but several weeks in advance of the Kickstarter launch went towards sending emails, making phone calls, and brainstorming strategies to reach our target. If only for the amount of work it was, we are disappointed that we weren't able to reach our goal.

On the other hand, the Kickstarter was a win in a lot of other ways.

First of all, raising $13,235 is nothing to scoff at. We are incredibly blessed by each and every contributor. And since we're still committed to getting the Levaté lift manufactured, we want to humbly extend the offer to our backers to still make their contribution, this time directly through the Levaté website instead of through Kickstarter. You can find more details as well as a button to donate on this page of our website.

We made useful connections through the Kickstarter as well, connections that could potentially have large payoffs in the future. This includes connections to business sponsors, conferences (Levaté is now a sponsor of the Living the Dream 2015 Conference- you can use the discount code "levate" to get $49 off the registration), potential investors and mentors, industry connections, and more. We were also covered in a significant way in at least three media sources.

Finally, we have a better sense for the mechanics of crowdfunding. If failure is the best teacher, then we learned a lot about what didn't work and what we can improve for future campaigns. We want to dive into the specifics of why our Kickstarter wasn't successful in a later post, to digest more fully what we've learned.

Regardless, the entire team pulled out all the stops to make the Kickstarter successful. I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish and I look forward to an incredible 2015!

Merry Christmas,

Dillon, Ethan, and the entire Levaté Team