Up next: Prototypes, Insurance, and Web Traffic

At the Sooner Launch Pad Accelerator, we're operating on "sprints" or iterations of 1 week. In other words, each week we choose 1-3 hypotheses about our business that we want to test.

Here are the three that Levaté is working on over the next week:

1. Can we build a Levaté prototype unit that a wheelchair user could use in their day to day life? That includes being portable and having a self-contained air supply, achieving a full 12 inch lift, and being able to deploy/undeploy completely.

2. Could Levaté be reimbursed by insurance under any circumstance? We'll be testing it by interviewing at least 5 decision makers in the insurance industry. If anyone has a connection to Medicare, a private insurance company, or a friend who's been reimbursed for a power wheelchair with lift, that would be a big help for us!

3. Are online ads through facebook and google effective ways to raise awareness of Levaté and drive traffic to this website? We'll be meeting later today with Eric Morrow to talk about the specifics of digital marketing and how this could apply to Levaté. Should be informative!

That's what we'll be up to for the next week. Stay tuned for the results of our work!