Tests for next week: Social Media, VA, and Prototyping

What's up everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the world cup USA-Germany match right now.

Quick update on what the team's working on over the next week.

1. Can we get just as much user activity from social media content as we did with our facebook ads in 1 week time? That means getting about 10 beta test users and 10 newsletter subscribers to sign up on this website.

2. Can we get our wheelchair lift into the VA hospital computer system and have a veteran request one of their OT or PT? This is to understand the process for when we are manufacturing the final version of the wheelchair lift and are trying to get it in the hands of wheelchair users.

3. Can we have a wheelchair user test a working prototype, and get feedback from them on it? Obviously, this will be huge for us.

Those are our tests for this week. Go USA- We believe that we will win!