Levaté Work Log: August 13-August 22

The team is back from their vacations, and has returned to their hard work!

Here's what we'll be focusing on over the next week and a half:

  1. Can we build a prototype that someone can wheel around with, deploy and undeploy, that lifts a full 12 inches and full 330 lb? This will include 3D printing a shell, since welding an aluminum shell didn't work.
  2. What size base is necessary to create a completely stable lifting experience for the user?
  3. Can we submit 2 grant applications that open up on August 25th to secure funding for Levate?
  4. Can we begin the process to purchase liability insurance, and at least get a reasonable quote and find a company that would be willing to cover us once we have the beta-units built?
  5. What does the FDA approval process look like? Can we submit FDA approval paperwork now? When would we need to submit, how long does it take, and what would we need?
  6. Can we sign the licensing agreement with the University of Oklahoma? Though we invented the device, it is considered OU property since we invented the device through a University program.

Feel free to reach out if you think you can help us answer or solve any of these questions!

Until next time,

Dillon Dakota Carroll, CEO