Levaté Team Growing- Welcome MaryBeth and Michael!

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind at Levaté HQ! Besides making progress on the items we talked about last time, we also had the opportunity to expand the Levaté team, as well as share our mission with audiences at 1 Million Cups in Tulsa and the No Boundaries Expo in Oklahoma City.

First, we want to welcome our new Community Engagement Manager, MaryBeth Davis!

MaryBeth, Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma 2014, is committed to the health and independence of wheelchair users. She'll be beginning veterinary school at Oklahoma State University next year. In the meantime, we're thrilled to have someone as passionate and dedicated as MaryBeth on the Levaté team. She'll be coordinating and spearheading our outreach strategy with wheelchair users and the wheelchair community.

MB Davis.jpg

Michael Petri, one of the original Levaté team members during the Spring 2014 OU internship, will be returning as the Levaté Graduate Research Fellow!

Michael Petri is starting his Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree at the University of Oklahoma, and will be doing his Masters Thesis on integrating a wheel-powered component into the second commercial version of Levaté. The idea would be that as a wheelchair users goes about their day, this attachment would collect some of the kinetic energy of their spinning wheels and charge a battery. This battery could be used to power the Levaté lift, and perhaps also charge the user's iPhone :)

Michael's enthusiasm and commitment to excellence was an incredible asset to the original OU team, so we're excited that he's back with us!

The Levaté team also had the chance to share our story with the Oklahoma community. Take a look at the picture below of Dillon and Ethan presenting at 1 Million Cups in Tulsa! We'll be sharing the video of us presenting soon as well.

You may have also seen Ethan and MaryBeth at this past weekend's No Boundaries Expo in Oklahoma City. They had a great time connecting with the community there. Look for us at more events like the No Boundaries Expo in the future- and if there are any events you'd like to see us at, be sure to let us know!

Until next time,

Dillon Dakota Carroll

Levaté CEO