Monday Standup: An Overview of the Week

Here's what the Levaté is going to be working on over the coming week:

  • We have several calls with product design firms from all across the nation scheduled for this week. By working with one of these organizations, we can greatly increase the speed of the product development. We hope to have chosen our top 1-2 potential partners to move forward with in our talks.
  • Begin designing the expanding base component of the lift, which has not been incorporated yet into our prototypes.
  • Tweaking the latest prototype (which you can see in the videos on our homepage) so that it is ready to be used in a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Work with a friend of ours (thanks, Emily!) to launch a Kickstarter campaign! We have set our launch date for Friday, September 26th, so mark your calendars. This week, we want to schedule a filming session for Friday or Saturday as well as get a brief to Emily so that she knows what to incorporate into the Kickstarter page.
  • Submit all of our grant applications. We have worked with a grant researcher to identify 9 total opportunities. Of those, we can go ahead and apply to about half of them already. The rest, we'll have to wait for their applications to open up. While it will take a while to hear back from them, getting grant funding would be huge as it would be in sizeable chunks and we wouldn't have to give up equity stake in the company.
  • Work with our potential investors. We hope to finish up the licence agreement with OU this week, and continue talks with 3 potential investors who have expressed interest in funding us. This means putting together and editing documentation on what the structure of the investment deal would look like.

There you have it- Levaté's week at a glance! Let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Until next time,

Dillon Dakota Carroll