Meet Soulcake Creative, our product design partners.

Since receiving seed funding from a combination of angel investors and State of Oklahoma funds in June 2015, we've been working with Soulcake Creative to finish product development on our wheelchair lift. We're incredibly excited to be working with them and in the short time they've worked on it they've already advanced the product immeasurably.

Soulcake's work is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1, Finalize Conceptual Design. Soulcake will take the work we've done and finish scoping out the design objectives and deciding the best way to meet those objectives.
  • Phase 2, Detailed Design and Prototyping. Here they will finalize all the engineering details and industrial design, and create an "alpha" lift that is a fully functioning device that incorporates the industrial design as well. 
  • Phase 3, Manufacturer Sourcing and Design for Manufacturing. This is the final step, where we'll be gearing up to get the Levaté units manufactured. Soulcake will work with the manufacturer to get 8-10 "beta" units to ensure that once full scale production starts, the Levaté units will function as intended right off the assembly line.

We are incredibly excited to work with Soulcake to finalize the Levaté lift. They are an innovative studio with a history of successful products under their belt. For example, they successfully revived the dying Cobra golf brand to the point where it was acquired by Puma. Based out of San Diego, California, they've worked on products ranging from skateboards to medical devices and everything in between, and we have no doubt that our wheelchair lift is in good hands with them. Take a look at their website for more information at